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Papers accepted for the ATC-09 workshops

Please use the workshop abbreviation (e.g. MANS) and the paper id when registering your paper.


Paper ID Authors ,Title
2 Youling Zhou, Wenjin Liu, Benxiong Huang, Angli Liu. A Duty Cycle Adaptive Algorithm Based on Throughput
4 Hong Feng Lai. Hidden Community Mining Under the RST/POSL Framework
6 Marius Bujorianu, Manuela Bujorianu, Howard Barringer. Uncertain and Human Centric Modelling of Cyber-physical Systems
7 Zhihua Gao, Kerong Ben, Lilin Cui. Underwater Vehicle Noise Source Recognition Using Structure Dynamic Adjustable SVM
8 Hao Wang, Furong Wang, Zhe Guo, Lai Tu. Measurement and Feedback Scheme for CAC in Cellular Networks
10 Jian Zhang, Wanhua Cao, Huan Zhang, Li Feng. A Distributed IPS Model Based On Neighbor Distance
15 Kewei Li, Furong Wang, Xu Xie, Hao Wang. Joint Optimal Congestion Control and Channel Assignment for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Networks in Cyber-Physical Systems
17 Furong wang, Chen Huang, Juan He, Chunming Rong. A Novel Relay Encryption Scheme for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
18 Jiaping Liao, Bo Fu, Yu Chen. On-line Fault Diagnosis Model of the Hydropower Units Based on MAS
20 Ma Zen, Hu Jun, Zhao Shi. Mobile Network Optimization Using Fuzzy Case-based Reasoning for GSM
21 Guanfeng Liu, Yan Wang, Lei Li. Trust in the Web-based Social Networks
22 Sarah Eljack. Synchronized Multi- channel Cognitive MAC protocol with reliable neighboring discovery
23 Bin Xie, Anup Kumar, Padmanabhan Ramaswamy, Laurence T. Yang. Social Behavior Association and Influence in Social Networks
25 Yu Changrong, Zhou Jiehan. Expression and Analysis of Emotions: Survey and Experiment
27 Murthy V.K., Krishnamurthy E.V.. In silico Consciousness: The Goal of Ambient Intelligent Computing



Paper ID Authors ,Title
2 Julian Jang. A Trust Enhanced Email Application using Trusted Computing
3 Paul Watters. Data Loss in the British Government: A Bounty of Credentials for Organised Crime
4 Amber Stabek, Simon Brown and Paul Watters. The Case for a Consistent Cyberscam Classification Framework (CCCF)
5 Liping Ma, Bahadorrezda Ofoghi, Paul Watters and Simon Brown. Detecting Phishing Emails Using Hybrid Features
6 Robert Layton and Paul Watters. Using differencing to increase distinctiveness for phishing website clustering
7 Manuel Aston, Stephen McCombie, Ben Reardon and Paul Watters. A Preliminary Profiling of Internet Money Mules: An Australian Perspective
9 Hong Zhang, Haixin Duan, Wu Liu and Jianping Wu. IPGroupRep: A Novel Reputation based System for Anti-Spam
10 Wu Liu. H6Proxy: ICMPv6 Weakness Analysis and Implementation of IPv6 Attacking Test Proxy
12 Man Qi. Spam and Social Effects



Paper ID Authors ,Title
1 Zhang, Junzhou Luo, and Ming Yang. An Improved DSSS-Based Flow MarkingTechnique for Anonymous Communication Traceback
2 Lai Tu, Fan Zhang, Furong Wang. A Random Group Mobility Model for Mobile Networks
3 Jiehan Zhou and Changrong Yu. Frontier research on pervasive emotion computing
4 Shen Ling and Wu Wei. Fault-Tolerant K-Connectivity Overlay for Unstructured P2P Network
5 Laiping Zhao, Mingchu Li. Kouichi SAKURAI and Yizhi Ren. The Optimal Choice by Resource Consumers in Grid Market
6 Yizhi Ren, Mingchu Li, Yongrui Cui, Cheng Guo and Kouichi Sakurai. Enhancing Cooperative Behavior for P2P Reputation Systems by GroupSelection
9 Jakob Salzmann, Ralf Behnke, Martin Gag and Dirk Timmermann. 4-MASCLE - Improved Coverage Aware Clustering with Self Healing Abilities
13 Cong Sun, Liyong Tang and Zhong Chen. Secure Information Flow by Model Checking Pushdown System
14 Bo Zong, Feng Xu, Jing Pan and Jian Lv. Comparing Information Collection Strategies of Trust-Based Reputation Systems in Open Environment
15 Junaid Chaudhry. Autonomic Fault Identification for Self Healing Systems
16 Manuel Nickschas and Uwe Brinkschulte. Decentralized Task Allocation in an Organic Real-Time Middleware -- An Auction-Based Approach



Paper ID Authors ,Title
5 Ying-Hong Wang, Kuo-Feng Huang and Ting-Wei Chang. An Efficient Mechanism for Mobile Target Tracking in Grid-based Wireless Sensor Networks
10 Hung-Yu Chien, Chieh-Shian Tu and Tzong-Chen Wu. Gen 2-based, Anonymous Authentication scheme
13 Mainetti and Antonio Tamborino. MoWeT: a Configurable Framework for Location-Aware Applications
17 Grigoris Antoniou and Dimitris Plexousakis. Exploiting Semantics for Indoor Navigation and User-Tracking
20 Fano Ramparany and Yazid Benazzouz. Agenda driven home automation - Towards high level context aware systems
26 Nicolai Kuntze and Carsten Rudolph. Trust in Distributed small sized Data Centers
27 Qianping WANG. A Routing Algorithm Based on Mobile Agent for Mine Monitoring
28 Touhid Bhuiyan and Audun Josang. An Analysis of Trust Transitivity Taking Base Rate into Account
29 Yuanyuan Cao, Linmi Tao and Guangyou Xu. An Event-driven Context Model in Elderly Health Monitoring
32 Kenta Cho, Naoki Iketani, Hisao Setoguchi and Masanori Hattori. Human Activity Recognizer for Mobile Devices with Multiple Sensors
35 Marcin Krol and Janusz Sosnowski. Multidimensional monitoring of computer systems
38 Jia Hou. Space Time Codes to Achieve Generalized Optimal Diversity for Higher Rate Wireless Networking
42 Hyeong-Joon Kwon, Tae-Hoon Lee, Jung-Hyun Kim and Kwang-Seok Hong. Improving Prediction Accuracy Using Entropy Weighting in Collaborative Filtering
50 Wendy M. Maiden, Jereme N. Haack, Glenn A. Fink, David McKinnon, and Errin W. Fulp. Trust Management in Swarm-Based Autonomic Computing Systems
52 Nairon S. Viana, Orlewilson B. Maia and Vicente F. Lucena Jr.. Using the iDTV for Managing Services in the Ubiquitous Computing Environment
54 Mauro Marcelo Mattos. Ubiquitous Computing and Time Dimension
55 Nils Müllner, Abhishek Dhama, and Oliver Theel. Deriving a Good Trade-off Between the System Availability and Time Redundancy
56 Che-Jen Chen, Lee-Kuo Lin and Wei-Shen Wu. An Automatic Algorithm of Dangerous Construction Warning System
68 Sang-Hyeon Jin, Dong-Ju Kim, Chee-Hyun Park and Kwang-Seok Hong. User Location Estimation based on Stereo Audio-Vision
69 Jun-Hong Lu, Chiung-Ying Wang and Ren-Hung Hwang. An Open Framework for Distributed Context Management in Ubiquitous Environment
80 Fiona Redhead, Dekker Andrew and Brereton Margot. A Situated Display for Local Community Participation: The Design and Use of Nnub
87 Ahmet Soylu, Patrick De Causmaecker and Piet Desmet. Context and Adaptivity in Pervasive Computing Systems: Links with Application Development and Ontological Engineering
89 Shivanajay Marwaha, Jadwiga Indulska and Marius Portmann. Biologically Inspired Ant-Based Routing In Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET): A Survey
91 Youssef ROUMMIEH and Parisa GHODOUS. Adaptive Interface for Collaborative Environment - AICE